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  • DETOUR Gallery is a 10,000 Sq.ft. contemporary art center located in the arts district of Downtown Red Bank, NJ. Consisting of three main exhibitions spaces and several exterior locations for artistic engagement. The only thing we specialize in is displaying and selling phenomenal Art that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere except at World Class Art Fairs. DETOUR seeks to be a space that brings together the surrounding community and its visitors through the power of visual art. Through its curated programming, we aspire to develop cultural dialogue, encourage critical thinking, and enhance the day-to-day experience of the community. DETOUR’s primary goal is to enhance the careers of super talented emerging artists from around the world—specifically work that deviates from the beaten path and is not afraid to take risks.
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    370 NE 75 Street, Miami, FL 33138 | [email protected] | +1 305-677-9106

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