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  • The newest gallery in the burgeoning art scene of Bushwick, Space 776 has been exceedingly successful in creating a space for a wide range of artist whose medium of work stretches from live multimedia performances to traditional oil painting. Working closely with the community of creative individuals in and around Bushwick as well as facilitating relationships with international artists through the gallery’s adjoining residency, Space 776 has provided an environment driven by the emergent artists it represents. ​ Founded in May 2013, Space 776 has accommodated over 60 extraordinary artists who live in New York. Developed from his previous project Space N, the director, Jourdain JongWon Lee expanded upon his want for a space that would be an opportunity for the nascent careers of young and otherwise obscure artists. Dedicated to this mission, Space 776 operates outsides the confines of a brick-and-mortar gallery. Taking the work to international art fairs such as; Art Miami, Affordable Art Fair, Asia Contemporary Art Show, Art Busan, as well as participating in various local shows such as Emerging Artists, Winter Salon Show, Ambush Art Show, Kaleidoscope, and Keramos.
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    370 NE 75 Street, Miami, FL 33138 | [email protected] | +1 305-677-9106

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