• Jose Roberto Arráiz Herrera was born in Caracas on April 17, 1975. He studied 2 years of Pure Art at the Cristóbal Rojas School. After, he lived in The United States to explore artistic movements, geometric - Kinetic and the Bauhaus and staring to include the circle and the line as their own of expression thought. After, he traveled to Europe, to countries such as: France, Italy and Spain, where he continued his research for 9 years, having through of this experience the form, volume and fade of colors as his own language, always present in his work. In the last eighty years he has participated in many exhibitions and auctions. Such as: in 2000, "Mascaras para Una Sonrisa" next to 160 artists. in 2015, he participated in an exhibition-auction with two works of his authorship, in the Northern Trust Bank in Brickel FL. Following in 2016, he exhibited his work in an auction with 100 artists, in benefit of journalists. Last year, in 2017, he went to a new auction for Venezuelan journalists, organized in Miami, next to 76 artists. Also, in October, he presented his work at the biennial of the Museum of Geometric Art (MADI) in Dallas, Texas, where his work was selected as a finalist. After of several years of study, on March 4th, 2018 presented his individual exhibition at the GraphicArt gallery in the Caracas headquarters, where he showed a variety of works. He took the circle as the protagonist; full of vibrant and luminous colors creating perspective, depth and movement. His most recent work is exhibited in the residence of the Ambassador of France in Venezuela, as a tribute of both countries (July 2018). His work is a compendium of circles and lines that fuse together with light and fade colors. For the Artist The line represents the visible; the connections between humanity and divinity. The circle is allegorical to eternity, divinity, infinity, the feminine, representing with it a way of reality behavior, as a metaphysical point of view. In this fusion, the Artist wants to show a part of his spirituality, based on experiences, becoming these elements into his own expression language
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