• Wilmer Herrison (born in Maracaibo (Zulia State, Venezuela), September 29, 1978) is a Venezuelan artist currently based in Paris. He is the creator of a modern art influenced by both European and South American traditions. His youth has been impregnated with the colors of his hometown and the strength of the surrounding exuberant nature. From the Lake Maracaibo, his painting keeps the shades and reflections. In this city where colonial architecture meets contemporary art, he developed his artist vocation in exploring all domains. At 23, he came to France where he was admitted at the École du Louvre . There, he studied techniques of the ancient frescoes, of the early Italian paintings and the " Early Netherlandish painting ", developing a major interest for Baroque paintings , Impressionism and contemporary creation. He was early influenced by the Venezuelan Kinetic Artists, Jesús Rafael Soto , Lía Bermúdez and Carlos Cruz-Díez . At 32, he received an early recognition in his home country, exposing the same year in two national museums, the Barquisimeto Museum and the Museum of Modern Art Juan Astorga Anta in Mérida, Venezuela . In 2010, during his exhibition "Serenissima" in Venice, he meets the Italian designer Piero Massaro, who, inspired by his paintings, created a collection of eyeglasses called Collezione WH. [1]
  • Optical Fusion Wilmer Herrison has developed a technique based on lines and color, producing some "optical fusion" organized according to a vantage point, and transforming the vision with angles as well as distance. This technique relies on the juxtaposition of unmixed color touches, and on optical illusions, creating a depth effect, like in a multidimensional structure.
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