• Juvenal Ravelo belongs to the current of kinetic art. He was born in Caripito, Monagas state, on December 23, 1934. He studied at the School of Plastic and Applied Arts of Caracas, in addition to the School of Plastic Arts Martín Tovar and Tovar de Barquisimeto. He was a professor at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas Cristóbal Rojas. In 1964 he traveled to France to learn about abstract art and constructivism. During his stay, he attended the Sorbonne seminars on the sociology of art taught by Pierre Francastel and Jean Cassou. After his return to Venezuela, he began to develop proposals aimed at community integration to the artistic fact, which from his perspective would lead to a change in the human being when performing works of art on the street, with which he would seek to develop the aesthetic sensibility of ordinary citizens. Ravelo denominates his concept as Art of participation in the street. His "open-air museum" project began in his hometown, where he developed the Chromatic Modules. In the creation of these Modules, it counted on the participation of the inhabitants and the pedestrians belonging to the localities where he presented his projects, as an essential part of his proposal. One of the most outstanding Chromatic Modules is the one that is seen along Avenida Libertador de Caracas.
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