• Hernan Paganini started his college studies in Graphic Design (University of Buenos Aires), where he also lectured for seven years in Morphology – being Enrique Longinotti the professor chair. In 2010 he did Diego Bianchi´s Anti-project Workshop and in the same year he did the Concept workshop given by Daniel Joglar and Erika Escoda. He was selected to do the Artist´s Programme in the Torcuato Di Tella University, edition 2010-2011 given by Pablo Siquier and in 2014 the Conti Scholarship in the National Fund of the Arts. At the same time, he has been working for six years in a nomad School Workshop called Ship Voyage that aims at a parallel anthropological analysis in which the educational projectual functionality of an artistic piece is put on stage.
  • The only certainty I feel these days is that every morning I wake up with another shape. To me the exploration of these paths is an immense existential tool, an emotive discharge of humanity that constructs and develops me. The more I delve into the interior and the depths of the self, the more I understand the infinity of fragments of the universe that surround us; although I can visualise some parts, these are the traces which indicate that I am building new possibilities within the proper real and collective reality, putting in evidence that nothing is so solid or impenetrable as the vortex of events seems. Within the great fracture of the motionless concrete blocks which keep drawing a new landscape I try to unlearn the learnt, as the last signal of a train which is heard from a distance but can never be seen. The more I work, the more I understand that a work of art is a construction of everyone – it materialises with the memory of time, the thoughts and dreams that are shared in a space which sometimes do not have a tangible shape. I feel that in the processes lies the soul, which is a fervent flux of energy that runs without stopping. The accomplished immobile pieces only leave uselessly a trace as a pause of the immense stream that took place behind them. In this new paradigm art acts as a generator of bridges between the great tangent that has divided us for such a long time, like an invisible rope which silently joins everything.
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