• Born in Buenos Aires in 1984. He starts his studies of fine Arts in 2002 at the National Institute of Art ( IUNA). In 2004 he decides to quit and continue as a self-taught improovement, reforcing his knowledgements in workshops and courses given by good known local artists. Some of this courses are "A toolbox" dictated by Eduardo Stupía (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, 2012 and 2013). He made numerous solo and group exhibitions including "bosquejar esbozar proyectar" at quimera Gallery, 2015 - where he is selected by the curator Santiago Bengolea (PROA museum) to perform a site specific artwork; "hablar con las manos, escuchar con los ojos" in ICBC fundation, 2015; "verdadero, falso, ambos" at Centro cultural San Martin, 2014; "Legado" at Quimera Gallery, his Works has been exibited in Peisa Space, Recoleta Cultural Center, 2013; "Mil y un mujeres" Camara de comercio of Buenos Aires, 2012. In 2011 he was selected in drawing category in the Salón de Mayo, Museum Rosa Galisteo (Santa Fe) in wich is recognized with a mention of his work, in 2013 he was a finalist in the Young Art Biennial of Buenos Aires; In 2015 he received a scholarship by the ACE Foundation to participate in the residence INQUBARTE, the same year he is a finalist in the National Painting Biennial Rafaela 2015 and MACA museum gives the 1st award at the National Exhibition of Contemporary Art 2015.
  • On the images of my artworks I attempt to show what there is beyond the linearity of the story of the characters portrayed. I compose with the idea of expressing worlds or scenes created by the imagination of these characters. I use masks that cover their faces as a metaphor for the liberation of their imagination; even by covering their faces no signs or gestures; if they are angry, sad or smiling. They are just standing in a neutral pose, suspended at a time in which their imagination emerges and transports them to a desired moment.  The environment in which these characters are, is the result of their own imagination, the Nature is represented in an idealized form and some way in a dreamlike atmosphere. The characters portrayed are dressed in vintage clothing to generate in the viewer a sense of timeless context.  I create the sketches with the help of images found on the internet or botanical encyclopedia. Once the sketch is closer to my initial idea, i take it to the final support. In this transference from the sketch to the final support, the composition elements are processed and become a kind of synthesis of the original images, even sometimes completely different. I am not interested at this time to make an accurate representation of the reality of each element, but a juxtaposition where my imagination is present in every moment of the process of the work.
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