• Luis Alberto Hernández was born on November 15th of 1950 in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, where he lived until he moved to Caracas at age fifteen. He has studied in depth sacred traditions worldwide such as occult philosophy, spiritual legacies, initiatory experiences, alchemy, Divine symbols which have given great spiritual insight throughout his artistic reflection. At the age of 18 he began drawing lessons at the Francisco Pimentel Center in Caracas and subsequently conducts studies at Central University of Venezuela obtaining degrees in Art and Literature. In various cultural institutions in Caracas, he also studies at the Cristóbal Rojas School of Visual Arts, Graphic teaching Center (CEGRA), theology at the Theological- Institute for the Religious (ITER), and participates in numerous lectures about History, Art Appreciation, Art critique and History of Aesthetic Ideas. In 1987 he held his first one- man exhibition entitled “Poetry of the Sacred” at Cuevas Gallery in Caracas. Since then his artwork has developed and managed to transcend local geographical boundaries, with one-man and group exhibitions presented in England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, United States of America, Sharjah and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, the Sultanate Oman, Tunisia, Colombia, Cuba and Ecuador. Hernández’s artistic idea enters different modes of religious expression, to end in a metaphor of the sacred that he has agreed to be defined as a Poetry of the Sacred. His creations are far from classical conceptions. They are linked to the valuation of religious emotion in closer proximity to an original vision of the world as sacred revelation, experienced as a mystery and never as knowledge.
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