• His first exhibition took place in 1935. As he suffered from hemotitis, doctors banned him from using chemical products. This lead him to make up his own colours with earth, vegetables and other natural substances as his other compatriot, Armando Reverón, used to do. Salazar was arts teacher at the Pedro Gual High School, at the Simón Rodríguez School and at the School of Visual Arts Arturo Michelena. He also was the head of the Art Workshop at the Department of Humanities in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Carabobo. He also studied art in Mexico, Francia, and Italy. He obtained the National Prize of Plastic Arts of Venezuela in 1976. He won the Arturo Michelena Prize, the most prestigious arts prize in Venezuela, in 1948 and 1963. The Museum of Modern Arts of Valencia is named after him.
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