• In 1934 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Caracas, but it is not until 1941 that he began his studies regularly in this establishment that in 1936 had been transformed into the School of Plastic Arts and Applied Arts of Caracas under the direction of Antonio Edmundo Monsanto. From this same year Navarro begins to attend the Official Hall, and in 1947, having graduated from the School, he is awarded an award in this contest, with which he receives a job exchange to pursue studies in Europe. Based in Paris, where he will remain until 1968, he takes part in the founding of the group Los Disidentes and ascribes to geometric abstractionism, a tendency within which he works as an easel while attending the Dewasne and Pillet workshop. In 1953 he exhibited at the Arnaud Gallery and in 1954 at the Salle des Réalités Nouvelles. At this time he made the sketches for his three murals of the University City of Caracas, made at the request of the architect Carlos Raul Villanueva. While still in Paris he renounces geometric painting and begins a change towards an abstraction of suggestive qualities, which makes him worthy of the Grand Prize for Venezuelan Painters in the International Exhibition of Valencia, Carabobo State, in 1955. He died in Caracas in 1986. Other solo exhibitions: MBA, 1947; Clam Gallery, Madrid, 1955; Gallery XXII, 1968 and Galería Michelena, 1973. He won the second Painting Prize at the XI Annual Official Exhibition of Venezuelan Art, MBA, 1950.
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