• Lía Bermúdez (born Carmen Rosalía González) was born in Caracas in 1930, where she studied at the School of Fine Arts until 1947 when she married Rafael Bermúdez and moved to Maracaibo, to continue her studies at the Julio Árraga School of Fine Arts.    Bermúdez began her career with Cubist style drawings in the early 50’s, but her creative interest soon shifted towards space and volume in which she has built a large and important career as a sculptor. As a student, Bermúdez was tutored by renowned artists Julio Maragall, Francisco Narváez and Jesús Soto, who greatly influenced her artistic development; leading her progressively to inscribe her artwork within the abstract geometric tradition.  She was professor of Drawing and Graphic Communications at the Faculty of Architecture in the University of Zulia. In 1993 she took over the restoration of Maracaibo´s central market building and transformed it into a cultural center named after her, the Centro de Arte de Maracaibo Lía Bermúdez, which she also presided until fairly recently.   She has exhibited her work extensively in museums in Caracas, Maracaibo and Washington D.C, winning numerous awards and recognitions, such as the Order of the Liberator, Order Francisco de Miranda in its first class, Order Andrés Bello in its third class. She is Doctor Honoris Causa from the Zulia State University and received the most important award, the National Fine Arts Prize in Venezuela in 2006. Her work is represented in public and private collections worldwide. Although retired from the education and cultural activities at the Centro de Arte, Bermúdez continues to work as a cultural entrepreneur, combined with her art career.
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