• Ilana Bessler was born on 1977 in Rio de Janeiro and lives and works in São Paulo. As a visual artist, photography has become her primary medium for expression. Her artwork can also come to life in installations, objects and videos. In her creative process, she interacts with the public by using distintict media and the internet. She holds a degree in Social Communication and Post-Graduate studies in Visual Anthropology and Digital media. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy and the United States. She participated in the residency program Creative Asylum, White Box Gallery in New York (2006). The project, Urban Space, conceptualized and carry out by Ilana, brought together artists from over 20 countries and was exhibited at different Photography Festivals between 2007-2009. Through her photography, she connect with its subjects by exploring the simplicity and imperfect reality of the day to day life. In one of her latest projects, INY (2014) she worked to promote the enrichment of indigenous groups Karajá e Javaé, in Tocantins, northern Brazil. Ilana is dedicated to creating projects that use photography as the main mean of communication. Finding inspiration within herself, memories, dreams and fears are all present in her creation.
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