• MARK VASSALLO Mark Vasallo is best known for his mesmerizing Flowers photographs that captivate audiences with the dynamism they present and the tension that exists between the complexity and the simplicity of their beauty. He was born in 1971 in London, and while he was a student at St. Martins he came into contact with the ink paintings of the Chan monks who brought what would later become known as Zen Buddhism from China to Japan. It was in 1992 when he moved to Japan and found a temple to experience it at first hand. This is where his inspiration came from. Since then he has devoted his time to photography, creating unique pieces that have caught the attention of people all around the world. His work has been exhibited at various museums and galleries such as the Kaleidoscope Museum Kyoto, the National Portrait Gallery in London and Frederick Harris Gallery in Tokyo. Vasallo’s artworks have been celebrated in art fairs all around the world, including Art Expo New York, World Wide Art Los Angeles and Asia Contemporary. With his most recent work Flowers the artist not only attempts to visually represent the subject in front of his camera, but also attempts to transmit a direct experience of a flower, showing its function as well as the fleshiness of the petals with their individual texture and transparency. A remarkable display where the artist connects deeply with his subject, dissolving the illusion that separates the viewer from the viewed. No wonders why this incredible work has been published by Omoplata Japan.
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