• Born in Santiago, Chile in 1964. She studied Audiovisual Communication specialized in Film Making at the Professional Institute of Art and Social Sciences in Santiago. (ARCIS) She studied at the National School of Craft obtaining the title of Master Artisan specializing in goldsmith continuing its inquiry into the pottery, drawing and painting. She also studied engraving and monoprint at Self Help Graphics in Los Angeles, Ca. She lives 20 years ago in the north of Mexico, Juarez City. Thirty-one years dedicated to her art resulting works of various techniques: monoprint, aquatint, “colorgrafía”, fumage, acrylic, watercolor, oil and mixed media in more than 140 solo and collective exhibitions in most of Mexico and the US; Cuba and Chile. In Europe, Greece, Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
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    Garden of Light

    USD 5,750 / USD 0

    Primordial Field

    USD 5,750 / USD 0

    Beyond the Nebula

    USD 6,400 / USD 0

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