• Known as VALENZ, graduated from Galileo University of Guatemala with a major in Communications with a concentration in Education. Visual artist, graphic designer, creative director, publicist, and professor, has a particular interest in pictorial, sculptural, and video art. His extensive work has been shown in numerous solos and group shows all over the world, as well as recognized art fairs and tributes. He has also earned multiple awards, such as Young Artist Award (2005), Best Piece at Juannio Latin American Art Auction (2005), Best Piece at Latin American Art Expo (2005 and 2006), Best Piece at the XV Paiz Art Biennal (2006), Recognition Award at the X International Festival Rozas Botran (2008) and Recognition Award at SUMARTE Latin American Art Auction (2009). His work deals with a variety of artistic media from murals, paintings, sculptures and objects to installation, intervention, and video art; but without losing its characteristic style and typical iconography. In fact, in the vast majority of his pieces, we can find certain metaphoric elements laden with its own meaning for the artist. For example, the "chair" symbolizing the meditation around the people or things we hope in life, the "ladder" represents the place where we want to go or the aspiration to transcend the circumstances in which we are, and the "characters on wheels" characterize the need for movement and change and continuous sense of life. All this, immersed in blurred spaces that are shown as cities, machines, centerpieces, and games.
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    USD 1,000 / USD 0

    Casa Roja

    USD 2,650 / USD 0


    USD 2,750 / USD 0

    Desde mi ventana

    USD 1,000 / USD 0

    Detrás del muro

    USD 1,000 / USD 0


    USD 1,000 / USD 0

    Espacio Rojo

    USD 10,000 / USD 0

    Lluvia Roja

    USD 12,500 / USD 0


    USD 1,000 / USD 0

    Parejas en rojo

    USD 2,500 / USD 0

    Patio de juegos

    USD 1,000 / USD 0

    Sobre todas las cosas

    USD 2,500 / USD 0

    Unica y solitaria

    USD 1,000 / USD 0


    USD 12,500 / USD 0


    USD 4,500 / USD 0

    Gran Historia

    USD 30,000 / USD 0

    Yellow City

    USD 12,000 / USD 0

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