• John Behan RHA is firmly established as a sculptor of international stature and can be credited with playing a major part in the development of sculpture in Ireland over the last fifty years. Born in Dublin in 1938, he began an apprenticeship in metalwork and welding before moving on to formal training at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ealing Art College in London and the Royal Academy School in Oslo. Behan’s work is highly expressive; his pieces are marked by an initially perceived roughness that quickly melts into a surprising delicacy of form. Crafted in a white or brown patina or with a polished bronze surface, each piece is as individual and captivating as the next, reflecting the often-difficult themes of Irish history and identity in a remarkably subtle way.
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    Famine Ship Mayo

    USD 12,000 / USD 0

    The Bull of Easter I

    USD 9,300 / USD 0

    Four Oarsmen

    USD 4,400 / USD 0

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