• Born in Sancti Spíritus, Cuba B.F.A. University of Arts (ISA). Havana, Cuba (2007-2013) Academy of Fine Arts Oscar Fernandez Morera, Trinidad, Cuba (2002-2006) Lives and works in United States
  • My artistic practice is focused on the development of a subtle realism. Portraiture has always been one of my concerns, which delves into the human condition, it´s emotional nature, dynamics, passions and isolations. My work is emotionally immersive because I feel a deep love for humanity and nature, so I have understood the only way I can create is starting from that feeling. In order to addresses existential questions of life and death. I start from the contemplative imitation of reality to reflect non-traditional notions of beauty, to explore the passing time and in consequence the idea of permanence and impermanence in life, the complexity and fragility of nature. Also to provoke reflections about our sensitivity to the suffering and the violence. Elements and concepts are in general instrumentals in my recent work: the topic of the transformation or deformation of the body, the pain, the trauma in their relationship to physical and psychological confrontation, the disparity, multiplicity, the life cycle, and the search for meaning. I show bodies deformed or in duality, some of them even headless, sexless. Those transformations present the human or animal body in a very raw beauty and vulnerability. They may be disturbing and pitiful, also theatrically, romantic, and melancholic. It is a poetic work that speaks of live and death, fragility and strength, decay and hope, madness and consolation. But I always seek to inspire feelings of love, gentleness, kindness, tenderness and beauty that are eternal and universal part of the human condition.
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    Brutal Light

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    Luscious calm

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