• David Ramírez-Gómez is from Colombia and he has been living in Denmark about 7 years.
  • I experiment with a wide range of materials and it is important for me not to be limited by them. I am very interested in pushing the inherent boundaries in the materials and break traditional conventions which I see as an alienating part of the work. I am very enthusiastic about working with recycled materials found on the street because they already hold a story, they have already been in contact with other people. I also express myself through many different types of works; paintings/drawings, animation films, installations, performances etc. The formalisation of my work must not be perfect, I do not produce works that are meant to last forever. Instead, I am looking to include the fragility that humans possess as well and make something imperfect and raw. I focus on creating artworks that the people I meet in my everyday life can relate to - through describing the problems, frustrations etc. that we all experience. I have a democratic perspective on art and I don’t see art as something that is only valuable to an established group of connoisseurs. It is essential to me to work with human emotions as a theme; collective and general feelings but from a self-referential standpoint in which I use my own experiences as a driving force. In my paintings and drawings I have used the portrait genre as a medium of communication for several years. I “collect” faces from the everyday people and use them to express my own feelings which are not only concerned with my own life but also relate to our collective life in society, the legislation regarding immigration that affect so many lives including my own, how I experience being a foreigner in Denmark, how our ethnic background isn’t enough to define us etc. I work with a lot of different questions in this context, such as; how do we fit within the frames that society set up for us? When are we accepted? When are we integrated? The results of this investigation are experimental, colorful and emotional artworks full of images and stories that I want “the everyday people” to relate to. I wish to stir thoughts and emotions in the beholders and to allow them to interpret, engage with and add to the stories.
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