• Wolf Thiele was born in Germany he lives and works as painter and sculptor in France, Gattières, Côte d‘Azur and also in Monaco and Hamburg, Germany. After diplomas as engineer and studies of informatics he did an education of art in Germany and in France. This double aspect is seen in his actual works, which he realizes as combination of digital art, photography and oil painting. His works are geometric and minimalistic, but on the other side often very poetic and contemplative. He experiments les affect of colors, of shapes and surfaces and their inaction he explores the subjectivity of visual perception The analysis the reduction and variation are very important principles in his work. This is the reason because the digital medium are appropriate for the realization of his sketches, his paintings and his sculptures. Wolf Thiele is member and Vice-President of Salons Libres Européens, Paris and of the international artist group „Mitglied des Comité Association International des Arts Plastiques - auprès de l‘UNESCO, Monaco„.
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    Yellow triangle

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    Madelene masked

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    Spiral rope green and red

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    Blue sailing plain

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    Shy woman

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