• Ian Art (born A. Daniele Iannotti, Milan, 1962) is a digital artist and multi-platformart producer. His production includes also creative commercial works for several of the largest and most famous corporation and nonprofit organizations in the world.Active for over 35 years, he has been through several avant-garde artistic movements always characterized by independent thinking, and personal languages and styles. Some distinctive traits of his latest work are conceptualism developed in project series and social and environmental engagement. In the most recent years, Ian has been using fine art photography - experimenting and using different types of cameras, software, and digital processes - as one of the main creative and expressive tools. Expert in graphics (such as art giants i.e. like Haring, Warhol, Magritte) and digital technologies, also uses this know-how as an expressive medium, as for example in the series Nine or in the series Underwater Venice where the asymmetric and different framing of the whiteboard for each subject is an integral part of the artwork. His artworks are in personal collections in the US, Europe, and Asia. Latest solo exhibitions Underwater Venice, Ayakari No Mori Center, Okinawa, Japan - 1-14 April 2017 Underwater Venice, Istituto Italia Kagawa Bunka Kaikan, Takamatsu, Japan - 21-27 March 2017 Underwater Venice, The Hyakujushi Bank | 114 Bank, Takamatsu, Japan - 13-20 March 2017 Underwater Venice, Italian Cultural Institute, Osaka, Japan - 1 October-16 November 2016 Latest group exhibitions Identity, curator Giorgio Grasso, Wincity Duomo gallery Milano - 24 July-14 September 2018 Arte & Umanità, curator Giorgio Grasso, Wincity Duomo gallery Milano - 20 June-10 July 2018 I 4 Elementi, curator Giorgio Grasso, Cascina Grande Milano - 16-25 June 2018 I 4 Elementi, curator Giorgio Grasso, Wincity Duomo gallery Milano 15 May-15 June 2018 Books & Publications South India (Un-Guru Ed., 2018) Israel (Un-Guru Ed., 2017) Jordan (Un-Guru Ed., 2017) Underwater Venice, exhibition catalog (Un-Guru Ed., 2016)
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    Surfer_I, The Surfer

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    Religions_II, Purification with Water

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    Underwater Venice_XVII

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