• began her studies in architecture at the Jose Maria Vargas University in 1991. In those years design was projected through a geometric synthesis. The conception of an idea materialized like a work of art, like a sculpture; one that came predetermined after studying the conditions and characteristics of the median to produce a piece. She expresses her quest for life in simple geometric shapes with complex questions surrounding them. “I’ve always crafted figures in wood and metal as a way to metaphorically express my preconceived ideas to capture the essence of what we call design. I firmly believe that through a sculpture it is possible to create and devise any type of human encounter with the many concretes that surround us in these populated cities that have a contemporary calling. In the end, all the buildings and dwellings are sculptures to the human eye, grouped together, where they determine a volume capable to conceive and resist the mistreatment of the hustle and bustle of human life.” One of her sculptures, “The Square” transforms the artist into a superimposed sequence based on real life, due to the perfection of the square’s shape. Day to day experiences are shown to form episodes of life. This is what it’s all about, creating sculptures is dreaming, it’s a dimension capable of finding and formalizing a median of life, be it for learning purposes or simply curiosity of being part of that environment that we find when placing a sculpture either in the lobby of buildings or in a park. This work is the depiction of a life that at times we do not dare take charge of, being exposed to the environment in which we are born, growing and evolving according to our ideals, circumstances, and perception, our inner and outer worlds. “A sculpture for me is a means of expression, that doesn’t discriminate any individual, race or ideologies that are capable of dreaming in each moment of this long walk we call life.” Fabia Nitti’s brightly painted geometric metal constructions seem destined for an office or park somewhere. The sculptures are made in steel and aluminum, with the best finished painting quality for exteriors.
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