• Raymond earned an MA in Language Sciences from the University of Grenoble and an MA in Visual Arts from the University of Bordeaux. Her work, based on social and cultural research, has been shown in cultural and educative venues in Europe and in USA, as the Florida Atlantic University Galleries and MOCA NoMi (FL), Root Division (CA), the Hungarian Multicultural Center in Budapest (Hungary), the Harper College Gallery in Palatine (IL). She received a European Grant for the German Art Residency Art Aspects and was an AIRIE Fellow in 2013. Focused on socio-cultural issues, she started her photography series about urbanism and space occupancy. Raymond shares her time between Bordeaux in France and the USA.
  • Alice Raymond's artwork is a pluralistic approach to the relationship between people and space. Born French in the suburbs of Paris, Raymond traveled through Europe as a child before moving to the United States as an adult. As a result of her travels, she became interested in maps and how to represent her daily confrontation with other languages. When she arrived in the U.S., Raymond created her own codified language, turning a word into a specific shape. Raymond's abstract and geometrical shapes define new territories, like intimate maps connecting form, aesthetic, and semantics.
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