• When she was 7 years old she fell in love with abstract art, the music, the dance and spiritual books. She studied Arts, Music, Photography, Dance, and Literature. She also studied Communications and Marketing. She resides in Miami since 2008. She has spent these years supporting the cultural movement and organizing numerous cultural events to promote art.
  • I believe that in the abstractionism lives a chromatic dance that establishes a triangular dialogue between the artist, the spirit and the divinity. That spiritual geometry is possible through the musicality of the forms created by color. The Abstractionism is for the most challenging expression: tell a story, draw a picture, deconstruct and compose realities through this technique is detached from the form that often drowns us and makes us succumb to distraction.   In my search, I invite the viewers to be my companion to immerse in the world of my abstract paintings and installations and discover oneself. I encourage the viewers to explore the possibility of communication between the inner world of human beings and the outside world of the collective.
  • available works on artbco

    The Path

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    The Storm

    USD 1,800 / USD 0

    Deep Thoughts... Eres

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