• Sarah Fuhrman received her MFA from SUNY Purchase School of Art & Design in 2015. All of her paintings circle around issues of ecology, observational play, and the study of human behavior that come to oscillate. In recent works, she has been pouring paint in order to create atmospheres or birds’ eye views of landscapes that resemble satellite images. These poured landscapes allow chance and happenstance to infuse the work process, as they rarely reference specific geographical locations. After spending time with the pours of paint, she will allow her intellect and un-conscience to direct her and the viewer through a journey of narrative, dream like spaces. Fuhrman sources contemporary socio-political events from various news sources, and content from but not limited to design movements, symbolism, animals, retro-kitsch, ornate patterns, and all matter of textures running the gambit from seductive to grotesque. Over time, these renderings allow Fuhrman to implant an array of traumatic, ecstatic, or spectacular multi-ethnic friezes in a surreal and quirky world. The combination of such a vast array of curated forms and spaces results in destabilizing the viewer and prompting experience of inter-personal memories, place, and active figurations. The viewing of the work also turns simultaneously topographical and inclusive while questioning screen culture, visual pleasure and play. Immediately upon graduating , Sarah has exhibited in multiple group shows including Select Art Fair in Chelsea, and the 2015 Mohawk Hudson Regional in Albany, New York. She has also received attention from and shown with Fuchs Projects Space, Slag Gallery and Momenta Art in Bushwick. In this past year alone she has been awarded scholarships and residencies by the Ora Lermann Charitable Trust, The Vermont Studio Center, and Azule Artist’s Retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Fuhrman lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.
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