• Visual Arts Degree from the University of Chile, with specialization in painting. In the years 2009 and 2010, she participated in the “Art Apreciation” workshop with the National Chilean Art Price winner, Eugenio Dittborn. In 2013 in a new workshop called Bloc she adds stainless steel as support in her production to begin a research related to the natural and the urban landscape, where she questions the relationship between her work and the optical and kinetic art, in a place where the spectator is actively involved in her work when they see themselves reflected in the so called aesthetics of movement. Her search topic will focus on light and reflection. In 2016 she participates in the workshop “"Sensibilización y expresión performática" in the Casa Vecina, in the City of Mexico.
  • Through this last years, I have been developing a visual investigation about the concrete and the natural, and about the way these two aspects are conjugated in the landscape where nature has been dominated, re-meaning its condition of wilderness in front of nature. In my painting I work with traditional materials (canvas and acrylic) in a figurative line, and with materials like stainless steel and spray, in an abstract line. Steel is a reflective industrial material, so the artwork changes according to the light and the environment reflection, inviting the spectator to interact and to be part of it.
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