• Visual artist born in Chile. She has a degree in Graphic Design. In 2001 she begins her research in the artistic area, setting her own art studio in 2007. Now she is completely dedicated to create artworks.
  • Years of work and experimentation with volume and light have resulted in my work where lightweight and fragile materials transform creating an end result prevailing in size and contrast. In each piece, I seek the beauty of simplicity, transparency, and spontaneity finding the perfect balance whereby tension and slack, cuts and crosses, come together as if in a constant dance.
  • available works on artbco

    REFLEXION Black & White II

    USD 22,000 / USD 0

    REFLEXION Black & White IV

    USD 22,000 / USD 0


    USD 28,000 / USD 0

    ARC V

    USD 12,000 / USD 0

    ARC VI

    USD 12,000 / USD 0

    Soufflé Fort

    USD 10,000 / USD 0

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