• Lucena’s abstract artwork establishes a dialogue between two iconic American artists, James Turrel and Mark Rothko. From the light studies of James Turrel -an integral member of the California based Light and Space movement- the creation of a subjective reality from the individual perception of colors and the effect light has on them. From the color-filled paintings of Mark Rothko, an apparent sense of calmness which portrays in reality the human emotions of tragedy, ecstasy and doom. Lucena’s art elegantly suggests imaginary landscapes. These images are the ones that remind him of a childhood in close contact to nature in the backlands of the state of Paraiba. The color, the light and the ink volume involve the viewer in a subjective and transformational atmosphere, offering a chance to immerse and engage in a new perception of reality. His landscapes are laboriously built through countless brush strokes that result in color saturated canvases. The more than thirty different layers of colors that his paintings take are an expression of the artist's fascination for the subject. The artist lives and work in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is represented by Galeria Mezanino of Brazil and Mariane Ibrahim Gallery in Seattle, WA
  • "A painting catalyzes a states of mind"
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    Pequenas Joias

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