• Patrick Petterson is an artist with a fascination for landscapes and natural surroundings. A highly noticeable characteristic of his work, which has a dreamy and almost fantastical (and at times symbolist) visual quality, is the combination of painting and engraving. In this way Petterson creates a hybrid image of landscape and nature grounded in an execution that uses the matrix as support for a unique piece. The work acquires a tri-dimensional quality through the grooves in the wood, as well as the wood’s width. This painting-sculpture is rare in both traditional painting and traditional engraving, and removes the artist from a direct representation of the natural. As if he were a faithful follower of Humboldt, Patrick is interested in flowers and botany. In particular, he wants to explore how the American flora and the way it is reproduced in botany books have influenced the collective imaginary that the West has of our cultures. We instantly remember “flower power” and all our utopian feelings linked to that movement. This work of art is very much based in the senses and in music, which is why they can be interpreted as a sort of visual soundtrack. These two works, or diptych, that the artist will showcase in Expo-Chicago constitute a new path, the gouge engraving on wood, and the poetry or landscape that can emerge from the simplicity to be found, among other things, in the history of botanic illustration. Some of Petterson’s most notable exhibitions include the Monterrey FEMSA Biennale, Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, 2008 and the Painting Biennale Rufino Tamayo, Museo Tamayo de Arte Contemporáneo 2016, in Mexico City; Lightning Rod, Embassy of Mexico in Germany (Berlin) 2014 and The Empire of Transformation, Instituto de México en España (Madrid) 2010. In 2016 he took part in Barragán Fetichista, Casa Luis Barragán, Mexico City, during the international art fair Zona Maco.
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    Biofilia 2

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    Biofilia 1

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    Costa Nayarit 2

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    Costa Nayarit 1

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    Puerto Vallarta 1

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    Puerto Vallarta 2

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    Sueño al Amanecer

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