• Born 1983 Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY Julian Lorber is an American artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He received his BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art. Lorber has exhibited broadly in New York including with Mindy Solomon Gallery, OUTLET Fine Art, The Active Space, Margaret Thatcher Projects, and C24. His work was shown in VOLTA 2014 and many other art fairs across the U.S. Lorber has also had solo shows in Houston, TX and internationally in Brussels, Belgium and in Vienna, Austria. He has been reviewed by Hyperallergic and the WILD. Interviews include ROOMS magazine (London), ArchiExpo (France), Artefuse, LVL3, Frontrunner and NY Arts. His artwork and exhibitions have also been covered by Arts in Bushwick, The Bushwick Daily, TimeOut NY and the HoustonPress. His work is in the Palais Rasumofsky Collection (Vienna, Austria), as well as many private collections. “Recently I’ve created works from observing the visual effects of urban soot on architecture and interiors and the paint build-up from graffiti writing and outdoor mural painting. Other sources for this artwork include makeup and automotive spray coating. My process of mixed media layering is what I consider as creating my own architecture of pollution.” – Julian Lorber Julian Lorber creates unique artwork and editions with both tactile and digital techniques. He currently employs painting, sculpture, digital photography, video, 3D printing, silkscreen and performance. His recent artwork alludes to architecture, pollution, climate change, agriculture, graffiti and industrial culture.
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