• With “Exit Six: Just Enough Rope”,(2016) Kienke continues his engagement with images of canonic “American Hollywood” that have been distorted due to a glitch in the electronic signal between the DVD and the television screen and transferred to canvas. As the artists says: "For the past six years I have been working on a series of paintings titled Exit Six. In Exit Six, I am painting on photographs taken from the television screen when the electronic signal is interrupted. When the DVD gets stuck or the network is jammed, the image on screen freezes and becomes pixelated." This blurring of boundaries and layering of materials allows Kienke to draw formal parallels between the digital and the traditional, the “filmed” and the “real.” With Kienke’s characteristic aesthetic fluency, these “tele-visual” images integrate old and new technology, challenging traditional notions of painting and situating this work within discourses on contemporary society and its relationship to technology. Through this “post-analog” approach, the artist questions the demarcation between notions of reality and virtuality as they inform and influence the creation of cultural identity. Kienke is interested in how the visual languages of film and television inform the creation of an individual’s beliefs and sense of identity giving them just enough rope to deal with the inevitable consequences of their behavior.
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    Under The Wire

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    Lost In Pixels

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    Double White Truck

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    Hot Rod Rider

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    On Top Again

    USD 1,200 / USD 0

    Carried Away

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