• He has recently participated in exhibitions at Arch Gallery & Karpio-Facchini Gallery, Miami; Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York; Light Contemporary, London; Mackey Gallery, Houston; Solar Art Gallery, East Hampton and Art Center South Florida, Miami He has exhibited also in the Art Fairs: Scope London; Scope New York and Scope Miami; Art Toronto; Fiac Paris; Art Miami and Arte Americas. His work has been reviewed in publications such as Art in America; Art Nexus; Arte al Dia; New Times and Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald. Pablo Contrisciani’s works are held by public and corporate collectors from USA, Latin America and Europe
  • My artwork is about the language of the Universe: The big variety in the unity. The juxtapositions of chaos and harmonies, as well the balance that exists between this two apparent opposite forces that in the end complement each other. I am searching for the multiplicity in the oneness. A maximum intensity with a sense of balance, expressed by a highest vibration in colors, a constant change in forms and shapes, a rhythmic sense of movement and the illusion of a tridimensional space. The variety of elements in my paintings are several energies vibrating simultaneously, each of them with a different speed, like a group of musical instruments playing their own solos, but all making together One music.
  • available works on artbco

    Emotional Release

    USD 5,000 / USD 0

    Fleshy Stars

    USD 7,500 / USD 0

    Marvelous Evolution

    USD 8,000 / USD 0

    New State of Consciousness

    USD 8,000 / USD 0

    Permanent State of Passion

    USD 9,500 / USD 0


    USD 6,500 / USD 0


    USD 7,000 / USD 0

    Strongly Thirsty

    USD 9,000 / USD 0

    Thunder on the Ocean

    USD 9,000 / USD 0


    USD 6,000 / USD 0

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