• A Latin American and Chilean pride is the painter known as Carlos Catasse, born in Santiago, Chile, but settled for many years in Ecuador. He is a trained artist among the great painters and sculptors of contemporary art. His talents were discovered during his childhood, overflowing color and brightness in various oils and acrylics. He became seriously interested in the arts in his adolescence. He was self-taught at an early age, first as a draftsman and then as a painter. His passion was complemented with his studies at the School of Applied Arts in Santiago, a subsidiary of the School of Fine Arts. In 1967- he won his first award from the National Association of Independent Artists of Santiago de Chile (NHAI). In 1969 he settled in Ecuador where he died. During his interviews, he said to be a tireless worker and a bohemian world. To Catasse "the light of that country -Ecuador- stopped me and I caught the islands," this feeling was the start point for a great race, where great artists like Sergio Silva, Osvaldo Guayasamin, Roberto Matta, Camilo Enriquez Van-den - Borght, would be his great teachers, friends and colleagues of art.Countries like Argentina, Germany, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, Peru, Switzerland and Venezuela served as a stage to exhibit their works.
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