• Germán Tessarolo was born in Vicenza Rosa, Italy in April 1945. At three months of age he emigrated to Buenos Aires , Argentina with his family . Since childhood he was passionate about painting and drawing. He studied to be a publicist and a textile designer. He participated in several group and solo exhibitions in the Year 1969 decide to settle in Bogota,Colombia - where he made his career as a painter constantly traveling to Europe and the United States. For few years he settled In Europe between Belgium and The Netherlands. His works have been exhibited in the United Kingdom, France , Italy, Spain , Germany , Colombia , Peru and Venezuela. Tessarolo works include acrylics, mixed media, oil on cardboard or cloth and wood. His themes range from urban, natural landscapes, butterflies, towns, boats, marinas, Venetian carnival, harlequins, face, women and cultural expressions in the world. A distinguishing mark of Tessarolo is the vividness of the colors in the works, says the artist, who with the help of a chemist friend, learned to prepare your palette, where a range can collect up to 8 scales own colors.
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    Valparaiso I

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