• One of the best teachers of our country, a veteran always with the light of Andalusia, with perfect color, sky and water, with large open spaces, without never get tired of creating, to travel, to see the changing of the seasons, in the field without horizons, its blue sky, its horses grazing or wet pilgrimage with the sea, next to the marsh. If we want to see great paintings, open spaces, intense color and a very special light treatment, we have to see one of his magnificent exhibitions. Miguel Acevedo is a genre painter who, as a child, he showed his artistic vocation. He trained at the School of Arts and Crafts in Cordoba. In 1965 he took the costume and acted as an apprentice in several runs, but in the end and the difficulties of promoting this world, painting prevailed. In 1969 he won second prize in a contest of outdoor painting which had the participation of numerous professionals, and ends the career of Arts and Crafts in two years, graduating with fourteen. This prodigy drawing and painting, seventeen, in 1965, won the First Prize for Painting of Andalusia. By saying that there was an enabling environment for painting in Gijon, he went to the city in 1971, where he meets José Sáenz Kitts and manages to sell works. In 1974 he settled in Gijon. In 1991 he moved to La Navata, in Madrid, where he lives since. In 1997 he spent six months in the Disney factory in Burbank California teaching outdoor lights cartoonists of the company. They are known landscapes of the Sierra de Guadarrama or Asturias, Andalusia and Salamanca, among other enclaves, as well as images of popular festivals such as the Pilgrimage of El Rocio; also they appear in his work fishing and bullfighting. They are characteristic of his painting vivid colors and contrasting lights, with much backlight.
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