• His works generate both a complex and subtle visual geometric game, his taste is reflected in his use of color. His works also reflect his dual training as a graphic artist. Octavio was born in Venezuela in 1952 and moved to France in 1977, he often visited the department of Plastic Arts at the Universite Paris VIII. Octavio is a curious artist in constant search of knowledge to refine his work, based on an elementary principle of composition. This is auto-generated by the interdependence of the lines that seem to obey their own internal laws, to form geometric patterns. Julio Le Parc celebrates the work of Herrera “his great merit was to refuse to build his own language using the already established fundamental patterns, leading us to a visual game where rich transparencies, overlay real or virtual symmetries which offer the viewer a genuine dialogue.”
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    Relief Ligne Descriptive Bleu Ocre

    USD 5,500 / USD 0

    Triangles Orange

    USD 11,000 / USD 0

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