• Carlos Vivar's work reflects a combination of passion and sweetness, fiction and symbolism on the sands and mixtures of colors in different textures. Vivar is a self-taught painter and sculptor with creative and figurative pieces. He lived in Europe from 1985 to 1987 where he studied a Masters in Computer Science while working to pay for their studies. When he returned to Mexico, he became the director of an advertising agency. Vivar has participated in more than 50 solo exhibitions in galleries, museums and cultural centers in America, Asia and Europe. In 2013 he presented in New York City, his first book "Carlos Vivar, the Mexican painter".
  • "I fully agree that in art we need to keep reinventing ourselves constantly and proposing new paths to follow... not remaining comfortably idle in one place...we need to keep moving forward..., just as in life"
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