• Antonio Asís was born in Argentina in 1932, he studied at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Argentina where he learned to draw, particularly in a geometric style which would be traits seen in his later works. During a stay in Paris in the 50s, Asis approaches the kinetic art movement alongside other leading figures in the Galerie Denise René. He developed a style, in his paintings, with the notion of "interferences" and in his sculptures, that of "vibrations". He worked on flat surfaces with static appearance and used perforated metals to overlap these flat surfaces. The work was thus born with the idea that the spectator is the one moving, resulting in objects that seem to detach from their support.
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    Grille Bleu Noir

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    Interférence Jaune et Mauve n°1880

    USD 5,500 / USD 0

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