• Born in 1983 in Almaty (the Republic of Kazakhstan), lives and works in London (England). Her works have been exhibited in leading international institutions and museums. Specialising in oil painting, her artworks are predominantly abstract in style and characterized by plain colours with earthy tones topped by touches of bright colours, creating a feeling of perfect harmony.
  • I am inspired by the past and present, by my life experiences and views, which I then translate into my paintings. My art is primarily a personal meditation, which emerges through my creative process and asks the viewer to wonder about one's life and experiences. I am interested in different aspects of life in different cultures, and this is where I draw my inspiration from. My earlier works were influenced by my Central Asian heritage, the vast steppes of my native land and its diverse cultural legacy. I aim to bring the elements of the Asian art into the Western world, highlighting the links between these two worlds of art. I consider myself an abstract artist. I love colour, the subtle and harmonious mixture and its impact on a composition. The use of colours is at the very heart of my works. In my earlier works I use earthy tones, ochre, shades of beige and grey, then top them up with touches of bright colours. Other pieces, by contrast, are made on a darker background, over which the light colours are added. Through my abstract works I invite the viewer into my own private world of colours and mysterious atmosphere, opening it to the interpretation. I choose oil as a medium to express myself, though my latest works are in acrylic, which is a new medium for me. My latest collection explores my perception of the human mind. I look into its complexity and they ways it affects the world and people's experiences of it. I demonstrate my views both graphically or symbolically. My latest works have my signature brushstrokes, but they are quite different from my previous paintings in terms of colours. I use a lot of white and pastel colours, giving the works a fresh, light feeling.
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    The Mask

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    Inca Era

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    Ultimate Love Sketch

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