• Born in 1976, Wyatt Gallery, a person not a place, is an award-winning photographer who uses his photographs to raise awareness and support for communities damaged by natural disasters. He published his first book Tent Life: Haiti in 2011 with Umbrage Editions and donated 100% of the royalties to relief efforts through J/P HRO, The Global Syndicate, and Healing Haiti. After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Wyatt and the Foley Gallery organized #SANDY, an exhibition of iPhone photographs by professional photographers that raised $21,000 for rebuilding efforts in New York City. Wyatt edited and published a book of these photographs with Daylight Books that was then featured in the exhibition Rising Waters at the Museum of The City of New York in 2014. Wyatt was an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania and continues to inspire students through frequent lectures at New York University, the School of Visual Arts, the New School, Wharton, Kutztown, the International Center for Photography, and numerous high schools. Wyatt is based in New York City but is more frequently found in the Caribbean. His forthcoming book will be Jewish Treasures of The Caribbean, once he raises the funding.
  • By photographing found advertising spaces in the NYC subway where advertisements have been temporarily removed, torn posters, paint, graffiti, and glue applied repeatedly over decades are revealed. Wyatt Gallery transforms these unintentional tableaux, references the masterful paintings by American abstract expressionism and French décollage art of the 1960’s Nouveau Réalisme movement. These accidental works of art, formed by the hands of unknown employees who repeatedly install and deinstall advertisement posters, are discovered by chance during daily subway commutes by the artists. They might only remain visible for days until the next advertisement is placed on top, never to be seen again in their photographed forms. Subtext reveals a world of unintentional “non-made” street art that asks: What lies beneath that which forms desire?
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