• Born in Mexico in 1974. She had completed several education courses such as, Journalism at Carlos Septien Garcia School. 2004 Workshop: On the Edge of the photographic act. A diary with Antonie D'Agata 2002 Workshop: Truth and Fiction in the documentary with Jim and Philip Brookman Goldbert 2000 Workshop: Beyond time and space, with Michael Ackerman, Centro de la Imagen 1998 Workshop: documentary photography with Joseph Rodriguez, Centro de la Imagen 1997 Workshop: From photojournalism to representation with Susan Maiselas, Centro de la Imagen Photo 1992 Basic Course B / N, Photojournalism Workshop and color theory course, Photography School Nacho Lopez Film Criticism Workshop 1991, Mexican Institute of Cinematography.
  • Perhaps the pictures is not a document? Then to photograph something that never happened, I try to invent stories that would like to escape. My self portraits reflect and ongoing concern of living in this world and hostile and violent, it seems that the only thing I can do is look inward and blame eats me to realize that I am so fantastic, unbelievable, but especially vulnerable. End up getting so absurd that sometimes I think I have fed those fears everyday of the red note one hidden between morbid fascination and dread to finish thinking this does not happen to me. So I return to my question What if it is me? My interest grows and then I face the photographic act regardless of the outcome, the fear was there next to me, to be under a blanket, dead after an accident, hanging from a tree and watching my clothes after abandonment. Transform these spaces to change its context to make them as mine and my memories of what was or what should happen when you make the shot and this able to reconcile my fears, only to end up not annihilated.
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