• Born in 1984 in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. He lives and works in Gyeonggi-do. His main inspiration is a reflection on human being and its relation to the nature. His works in various mediums such as sculptures, installations, paintings and videos, tend to reveal the fragility and imperfections of modern man obsessed with greed and power.
  • My work is a process of seeking the Truth, and at the same time, a process of visualizing that we humans are imperfect. I constantly ask for answers to fundamental problems such as where the man came from, how to live and how to accept death, and also I keep investigating the nature around us and struggle to see the society we live in. The main goal of my work is to communicate with viewers about what I have realized and felt through such a time of consideration and action. Only a few people deny the human being as an incomplete existence. Nevertheless, the phenomenon that humans never stop growing in strength and pursuing money and power originates from a vague desire for becoming perfect. We feel secure by grasping many things completely oblivious of unwarned death, that is to say an unavoidable reality of truth. However, an action like this only reflects the incompleteness of human being once again. We are like leaves trembling in the strong wind. We are nothing but a creation on the line who have to humbly accept the fact that we are living in a reality ready to fall. This is what I am focused on for my artwork. I want to recognize human being as one of many creatures and part of nature, and as a consequence, express the limitation of human ability and factors showing human imperfection into various forms. Such a process naturally has a characteristic of confession or praise acknowledging the existence of the absolute above human being. I am working on this one huge theme with various media. Vegetalized human body pieces (Naked Portrait series) is a good example. The forms like roots and stems show organic shapes such as exposed blood vessels after removing the human skin, and at the same time, express some feelings that are unstable and lifeless. This work expresses human being as a creature belonged to the laws of nature and also his/her incompleteness. Moreover, making an incomplete sculpture by pasting metal materials of wires and pipes one by one, which are processed artificially, is same as a confession of my limitation as an artist. I also seek for forms and directions of conveying my theme effectively, without any boundary or limit, through various media such as video work, installation using objects, and 'Portraits of authority' series- vegetalized portraits of the most powerful men in the world. I hope that viewers will take time to be conscious of their existence, ponder on their present lives, and also think about what kind of life they should live through this exhibition.
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