• Born in Venezuela in 1991, she began her studies of art in the academy of Candido Millán in Caracas, Venezuela. From the beginning, she started modeling her sculptures using clay and finishing some of them with marmolina and resin. Others projects were realized using other techniques such as, raku and 'primitive burns' for her final creations. Evolving, DIana explored the human figure as artistic expression; with presence of some of my sculptures at several collectives in Caracas, Venezuela. From the beginnings of any new task, she starts them without planning, just following a sort of "communication" with the clay and her inspiration; until forms, volumes and combinations between them, get her to the final expression of her conception; preserving always geometric figures that communicate movement at each new composition.
  • In my search of expression I began to explore the geometric figures expressing movements, projecting them on bigger formats, thus changing to metals as main material and conserving clay on the genesis of each model.
  • available works on artbco

    Ascension I

    USD 5,400 / USD 0

    Wings I

    USD 6,200 / USD 0

    Icarus I

    USD 16,800 / USD 0

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