• Sabine creates her pieces by superimposing multiple layers of words, photographs and light effects, with each layer adding purpose to the finished product.By leveraging this effect Sabine Jeannot is suggestive, raising questions and emotions, making the viewer feel for themselves rather than imposing her own interpretation. She does not direct the viewer, rather she invites. Sabines paintbrush traces out the words and the verbs which are adapted and repeated, unrelenting, ad infinitum. Her preferred colours are not blue, yellow or red, but she favours rather a typographical gray, created with the repeated words interwoven in varying shades. On her last line hers colours are close up nature photography. Sabine chooses a central word or central specific image, then fills it, twists it, blends it, breaks it up and breaks it down. She uses plexiglass as the base material, preferring it for its three dimensional qualities; modern and malleable, its transparency and the game of shadows which it allows, makes it possible for the picture to evolve during the day, reminding us that nothing should stay the same. When she produce edited limited peace she choose also Aluminium to make the artworks . She also likes to put forward her vision, a vision, comprising countries and cities which she has visited; following her uniquely personal technique, she superimposes many layers of reworked photographs and sometimes combines them with her words, giving thousands of possible interpretations and thousands of emotions intertwined.
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    3 Quart

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    Abbey Road

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    K - L\'Eté

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