• David BENOÎT is a French sculptor originating from the Cévennes, a moutainous area in the South-East of the Massif Central. For more than ten years now, David has been teaching digital arts in various schools, among which the National school of architecture of Montpellier (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Montpellier, ENSAM) and Numériques. Back in the 1990s, David worked for a French international leader in 3D technologies, and started out with digital sculpture using the computers left available by the engineering colleagues at night. Precursor with the use of this support, he enlarged his work, using clay and wax, a decade later. Thus reverting to original materials, he dedicated to capturing light and breathing life into the volumes he created. David's artistic training began in Paris. However, it is in Montpellier, with Eric Chatalin (himself a student of Charles Auffret), that he found his way into sculpture: combining the power of structure together with inner life, in male and female nudes as well as in animal sculptures. With this approach, David created his first middle-size sculpture, named “Tête de Toro I” (Bull Head 1), presented in Arles in 2009 during the Feria. Feeling great admiration for the work of Rembrandt Bugatti, he modeled his bust in 2016, on the occasion of the centennial of his death. In 2018, David decided to apply for the first time to the National exhibition of animal artists (Salon National des Artistes Animaliers). Later in the same year, David designed an exhibition called “Variations sur l'Antique” (Variations on Antics).
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