• Through her passion for painting animals, especially feline portraits, Christine Pultz feels that her focus on each hair, each claw, each reflection in the eyes of the animals she paints shows her desire to make them immortal. She adds: « I know that today, polar bears, tigers, lynxes, and snow panthers…but also Beluga whales, golden eagles, chimpanzee, red squirrels, bees, and many other species…risk extinction. That is why I hope that the animals I have portrayed, or will paint in the future , might open a sense of responsibility in the hearts of certain people. Animal art must continue as long as mankind exists to shine a light on those animals that may no longer survive » . Member of prestigious international associations. - Ste des Arts, Sciences et Lettres -vermilion medal France - Ste des Artistes Animaliers, Bry sur Marne, Abbate-Piolé prize 2016 France - Marwell International Wildlife Art Society - Wickham - England - SAB expo Bruxelles, Grand Sablon “la nonciature, gallery Costermans”- Belgium - Salon international de Vittel, or medal 2016 France - Ste des Artistes Français, Grand Palais, bronze medal 2015, France Reijinsha prize 2017 - Japon - Automne art exhibition 2018 Grand Palais, Champs-Elysées Paris France - Honour brit Automne art exhibition, Verdurier house of Limoges France - Présidente of Jury Paris préfet of police artistic association, five district France Writing books in the wildlife art - Contemporary Artist in the Animal Arts, Abbate Piolé Publishers - The cat, the bird, African Wildlife, in Contemporary Art .Abbate,Piolé Publishers - Animals extinction, Abbate Piolé Publishers - International Contemporary Artists, vol VIII,ICA Publishing, New York US French press magazines “ Pratique des Arts, Plaisirs de peindre, Dessins & Peintures, Secrets d’artistes, ed Diverti Publics and privates collections -Roissy en France district, Belgium royal family, Maroc of king…
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    The KING

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    La Mouche

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