• Nadège MICHEL "Nadel" is a painter of abstract pattern. Born in Lorraine (France) in 1969, Nadège Michel studied watercolor and drawing at the Academy of Grenoble. The world of music and mountain greatly contributes to the development of her artistic imagination which one is too intimate to be in a theatrical world. So she decided to express her feelings through painting. Having devoted to the development of her career as a cultural agent, she resumed painting in 2014 while expanding her inspiration to abstract painting. Her work is noticed and Nadège is sought by leading professional painters like Maude Vasapolli (Roma Award in 2012), who proposed to exhibit her artwork in Zurich, Lausanne, Geneva, Paris and Belgium. Her technique is the bomb and acrylic: acrylic for its dynamism and fluidity, and the bomb for its modernity. Artists who have particularly inspired her are Juan Gris, Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Henri Michaux and François Archiguille. Nadège managed the exhibition of the painter François Archiguille at the Cultural Center of Verbier in Switzerland where she hosted various cultural events.
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