• Tatiana Mantilla is born in Caracas in August of 1979, when culminating its basic studies initiates race in the area of Engineering of Systems, obtaining I title respective year 2007. Nevertheless it is in the 2008 when working with its father, bloom the inherited genes, the Plastic Artist Gilberto Mantilla, graduate from the School of Plastic Arts Cristóbal Rojas, begins to transmit all that knowledge of techniques and materials to him to Tatiana its daughter, from that year she initiates a flourishing race in the current of the geometric abstract art, inspired by works of the teacher Juvenal Ravelo, producing interesting works like: Buckets, emerald, chaos and many others, but are in the festival Hatillarte 2010 when it gives life to the series that identifies it: “Breaking Schemes”, works that literally break with the stereotypes and paradigms of the abstract painting. Sometimes my works I make them with the passion that the lírica abstraction characterizes, but at those moments that beginning to think, becomes the reason and the logic present that characterizes to the geometric abstraction.
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    La Negacion del Color

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