• Visual Artist, Venezuelan, Curator and Art Promoter. She studied painting at the School of Plastic Arts Cristóbal Rojas in Caracas. Lawyer, graduated from Central University of Venezuela with a doctorate in Administrative Law and Administration Sciences at the Universita degli Studi di Napoli, Italy. She began her artistic life from a very early age, had her first individual exhibition in 1972. She has made 16 individual exhibitions and has participated in more than 140 national and international collective exhibitions. Registered as an artist in the World Catalogue "Imago Mundi Project" by Luciano Benetton, 2016. Her creative activities has been shared primarily between Venezuela, the United States and Italy, where her works has had excellent critics and acceptance. Associated to the Drawing Circle of Caracas since 2007. In charge of the Coordination and Curatorship of the Biennial “Santo de Bari Bishop of Mira” and Co-coordinator of the “Art Science Salon”, Caracas, Venezuela. National and international art promoter. Co-curator for the catalogue “Mundial de Artistas Contemporáneos” of Imago Mundi Project by Luciano Benetton Italy, for Venezuela and Ecuador. Represented in museums and public and private institutions, national and foreign.
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