• BEGINNINGS and ORIGIN: University education; Civil Engineer and Creative Publicist by family trajectory, with extensive experience in graphic design since 1978, in charge of his own Advertising Agency, he was always interested in the relationship that there could be or have numbers and art. Having participated in the development of many advertising campaigns where mathematical expression should be conjugated with graphic design, motivated him to create an artistic conceptual expression where the number plays a key role in the work, since everything in the universe is measured in numbers: how much you measure, how much it is worth, when you were born, etc., besides numbers have a universal symbology like all things, so it is very interesting to express it artistically.
  • ARTISTIC MOTIVATION: at the end of 2009, and in the search to offer something different from the existing, begins to paint numbers with bright colors and fluorescent, looking interrelated with things or objects, as well as with figures of animals and humans, of these first essays arises the initiative to make small flat sculptures in balsa wood, painted on both sides, where brightly colored spots are mixed with numbers in order to generate an intense polychromatic contrast. Subsequently, the iron sheet is incorporated into the works, painted with airbrush in different backgrounds and the colored numbers are incorporated on acrylic material to give it more volume, attractiveness and better final quality to the work. Another interesting aspect is that in many works, each face is presented with a different color, so that each person can choose the side that he likes the most for his exhibition. Works The Cyclist, The Bull, The Climber, The Acrobat.
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    El Submarinista

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    El Ciclista

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