• Born in venezuela in 1943. Integral plastic artist. He studied at the School of Plastic and Applied Arts of Maracaibo. He attended the Free Art Workshop of Caracas and then studied enamel on metal with Ricardo Arrué, also participated in the Official Annual MBA. Then at the UCV he studied architecture. In the 60s, he travels to New York and expands his artistic knowledge through studies, workshops and specializations in recognized universities and institutes and by the hand of great artists of international stature. Residing there, CONAC granted him a Job Exchange for the quality of his works, which gave him the opportunity to develop new techniques, applied in painting, sculpture, stained glass, enamels, graphic designs and theater. He is passionate about movement and speed, both elements permeate them in almost all of his work until they become an unequivocal pattern in his representations. He has participated in more than XXX collective exhibitions and individual XX. 2016 exhibited his most recent individual at the Humboldt Cultural Association.
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    Paso Libre

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    Espero el Paso

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